Grief counselling during Corona

New ideas for pastoral care in times of physical distance

About the contest

People experience grief on a wide variety of occasions. The death of a loved one is just one of them - but Covid19 brings it more into focus. Through professional grief counselling, people in an acute life crisis receive support. Traditionally, grief counselling is strongly focused on personal contact, the personal conversation on place. This is hardly possible anymore due to the ban or limitation on personal contact.


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What solutions do you find for grief counselling at a distance?

You should be able to answer this question with your submission. Describe the solution concept in as much detail as possible. Please set out, which implementation steps would be necessary. If relevant, refer to existing solutions in the field & describe what you would do differently. It is important to be able to represent personal contact and close interaction. Let your creativity run free! The result should be realizable in a non-profit way, cooperation is possible

Background information

The current life situation alone is already unsettling, so it will be even more difficult for mourners than usual. In some cases the relatives are not even allowed to visit their loved ones because of the danger of infection - funerals may only take place in the smallest group. All this makes the need for a solution urgent. Grief counselling from a distance is a so far largely unknown territory